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Virtual tours

So that you can get an idea of the possibilities for yourself, we have shown some of our references here. By clicking on the Play icon, you dive into the respective object and look around.

On almost 4,000 sqm, divided over five floors, the co-working in the Hamburger Ding from Hamburg (directly on the Kiez) is uniquely linked with the areas of event, sports entertainment as well as spectacular spatial concepts, which you must have seen and experienced unbedostively. Details about the project can be found in our blog article “Size matters!” – Sometimes it depends on the size.


Software developer LMIS AG from Osnabrück (Lower Saxony, Germany) uses the virtual tour (with 2,000 sqm) on your career page to show new potential employees an insight into their future workplace. Details of the project can be found in our blog article “When the workplace becomes your favorite place.”


Dental practice Zahnärzte Baumgarten from Siegen (Siegerland, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) give interested patients a glimpse into the modern premises in advance.


Turn your store into an online shop that is open 24 hours a day for your customers.

With the help of a virtual tour, interested parties and customers can move through your store as if they were on site and can be inspired and convinced by the products offered simply at the click of a mouse.

In the tour, the desired article can be ordered immediately with a link to your website online.

Finca (Spanish holiday house) Alaiar in Sencelles (Mallorca) shows your guests the inviting rooms and layouts.

Villa in 1. Line to the port with sea views in a unique location of San Agustin.

To the sales exposé.

Penthouse with 3 bedrooms and sea view, 120 m2, with pool and parking in San Agustin near the beach and the port.

To the sales exposé.

This beautiful Italian-style villa in a good location in Santa Ponsa enjoys a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea and is located on a plot of about 1300m2.

To the sales exposé.

Santa Catalina 2 bedroom apartment with terrace, option for a pool, a green oasis and conservatory.

To the sales exposé.

Restaurant Goli in Santanyi (Mallorca) gives impressions before and after the restaurant visit. Ideal also for preparing for events. Details of the project can be found in our blog article “Flowery, rosy lightness and kindness in the heart of Santanya

Finca (Spanish holiday house) Alaiar in Sencelles (Mallorca) shows your guests the inviting rooms and layouts.

Mediterranean family villa with sea views and sunsets, pool, underfloor heating in Nova Santa Ponsa.

When can we make a virtual tour and a teaser video of your company or property? We look forward to hearing from you.


Dollhouse view

The dollhouse view allows your customers to look into the respective object from the outside. Your clients can turn the property and turn it as they want and switch directly to the interior at any point. Villa, finca, restaurant or yacht – your customers have everything in view immediately.

Info points

Individual information points present important information to your customers during the virtual tour directly onsite. Your clients can then quickly inspect and get to know your properties. In addition, inspire your customers with exciting additional information through texts, videos, pictures or web links.


With our 3D location plan, your customers immediately recognize the special features of the premises. Since each level can be viewed individually, but also the entire object in total, your customer gets a quick good overallimpression.

360° tour

With the virtual 360-degree tour, your customers will receive a modern, fresh and above all dynamic way to look around a property. Tell your personal story and captivate the customer.

By clicking on the play icon, you start the virtual tour.

Virtual reality

3D spaces are the most exciting way to experience real places.

By using VR glasses, you can provide your customers with 3D tours around the clock, in any time zone and from anywhere in the world.

Floor plan

Due to the automatic measurement of your property, we are able to detailed floor plan including. dimensions for you.

Your architect can use it as a basis for any further planning.

Measuring mode - NEW 12/2019

Measure all walls, doors, windows or objects in the room. For example, you can see if a piece of furniture or equipment fits through doors, corridors, etc.

4K Photos

In addition to the virtual tour, you get high-resolution photos of your object. You can use them for publication on your website, on social media or for a high-quality printout.

Teaser Videos

In addition to the virtual tour, you get high-resolution videos of your object. You can use them for publication on your website or on social media.

Hamburger Ding, Hamburg, Kiez, Germany

Historic villa

San Agustin Port, Mallorca

Restaurant Goli,
Santanyi, Mallorca

Mediterranean family villa

Santa Ponsa, Majorca

San Agustin, Mallorca

Holiday home, Ses Cases d’Alaiar,


Santa Ponca, Mallorca

Office of LMIS AG,

Osnabrück, Germany

Alaiar Event,

Sencelles, Mallorca

What our customers say about us!

“I was very pleased with the professional cooperation from the very first minute. Pre-meeting, implementation and project handover as well as support for the integration were excellent.”

Christian Marcus
Restaurant Goli

The ITleague team knows how future-oriented companies have to position themselves today and provides great impulses as a partner. The idea-finding process is creative and individual, while the implementation of change requests takes place quickly. We now have the opportunity to give our customers and applicants an insight into our premises via a virtual tour and have already received a lot of praise for this. I would like to pass this on to Ingo and Thomas at this point. Thanks!

Johanna Rose


Unique selling point

Offer the special plus to your objects!
Take advantage of the completely new 3D visualization and stand out from your competition. Convince with a fascinating virtual tour in 360 degree view, the feeling of being physically on site by inserting a VR (virtual reality) glasses and a detailed plan that simply conveys to the architect for further use and planning can be used.


Our recommendation:

Take advantage of this innovative way of presentation as early as possible before it has established itself over the next few years.

Website upgrade

If you offer the virtual 3D tour on your website, the prospective customer must request it via a so-called call-to-action (e.g. prompt to provide his e-mail address). This also increases the length of time visitors spend on your website.

Sales increase

360 degree tours make it easier for your clients to choose their desired property from a portfolio and to be able to make the associated purchase decision. Focus on the customer and reduce administrationeffort. Efficient work rewards you and increases your sales.


Our recommendation:

The tour can be integrated on the website, shown at the sales call on the tablet (also offline and can be used anywhere) as well as sent as a link to the interested person.

New customer acquisition

Awaken the interest of your potential new customers and make you curious about more. Think about a referral business to speed up the spread of interesting objects.

Present a property in every dimension with 3D, video, digital and ready-to-print marketing materials at the cost of conventional photography (2D) and thus get a high costefficiency.

Focused marketing

With targeted storytelling, you put your properties in the spotlight. In addition, you can inspire your visitors with additional background information, which cannot be found in a table, but can be explored in a playful way during the tour.



A combination of website, combined with blog articles, sending of newsletters as well as integration into social media and use of news services such as What’s App enable targeted marketing.

Social media

Use social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Co to include impressions and videos of your objects and spread and promote them much faster.


* For the period of use of the 3D tours, an monthly hosting fee. This is due 12 months in advance and can be used for 10 objects.

* The floor plan is provided as PNG and SVG.


We look forward to hearing from you. Together we make your property an experience.

Thomas Hampel

Thomas Hampel

Senior Project Manager

Ingo Lücker

Ingo Lücker

Founder and owner

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