360.ITleague at LMIS AG in Osnabrück

When the workplace becomes your favorite place….

When it comes to the office, most of us think of a beige-grey wasteland with sterile conference rooms and workplaces, whose equipment is full of tristesse.

The result: dissatisfaction, demotivation and a drop in performance.

The software and IT company LMIS AG, based in Osnabrück, proves that workplaces can also be real havens of well-being and can increase the physical, emotional and cognitive performance of employees. Employer evaluation platform kununu has been awarded “Best Employer 2019 in Osnabrück” and has been bearing the coveted kununu seal “TOP COMPANY” and “OPEN COMPANY” for years.

At the LMIS site in Osnabrück, employees can develop freely on more than 2000 sqm spread over three floors. In addition to an efficient and flexible working environment, which is characterized, for example, by developer zones, standing workstations and a powerful IT infrastructure, employees can train in the company’s own gym and at any time Enjoy vitamin bombs in the form of fresh fruit or protein shakes. In addition, each employee receives additional attractive benefits from the areas of work-life balance, health, work culture and work environment – true to the motto:

LET’S MAKE IT SMARTER variety does well and enlivens the mind!

Be smart! Realize yourself at the best employer in Osnabrück of LMIS AG!

Start a virtual tour of the office of LMIS AG.

… if 2000 sqm of wellness oasis lead to professional success!

When the search for the right employer/employee has come to an end, the employers/employees are happy first of all. Unfortunately, they often forget to present/examine the future office in advance.

So that there is no evil awakening on the first day of work,

  1. Companies use the virtual 360°ITleague office tour in an innovative way to: 
  • To provide applicants with transparent insights into the company, including premises, workplaces and office equipment
  • To convey interesting facts about the corporate culture and to provide unique insights into everyday work
  • position themselves as an open and modern employer and
  • To have a competitive advantage in the “War for Talents”
  1. Applicants will use the virtual 360°ITleague office tour to:
    • get to know their potential employer and companies
    • explore the premises and workplaces
    • decide for or against the company

The all-new 3D visualization, a fascinating virtual tour in 360° view, gives potential applicants the feeling of being physically on site. With this modern technology, workplaces like those in LMIS AG can be experienced up close – from any place and at any time.

A virtual 360° tour is usually created from several shots of different rooms and areas of an object, which are then merged.       

Hard Facts- Behind the Scenes

For the creation of the virtual 360° tour at LMIS AG




Recording hours

Amount of data (GB)


The doll’s house view allows potential applicants to easily and conveniently look into the offices from home. You can turn the property and turn it as you like and switch directly to the interior at any point. This allows them to view every single room and workplace in advance.

Individual information points present important information about the individual premises, facilities and employee benefits at LMIS AG.

This allows potential applicants to get an idea of their future workplace and to get additional information during their virtual tour.

With our 3D location plan,potential applicants immediately recognize the special features of the premises. Since each layer can be viewed individually, but also the entire object in total, they get a quick good overall impression.

With our virtual 360° office tour, potential applicants get a modern, fresh and above all dynamic way of looking around LMIS AG. You can quickly examine and get to know LMIS AG. In addition, they receive exciting additional information through texts, videos, pictures or web links.

Would you like to use the virtual 360°ITleague office tour as a competitive advantage in the “War for Talents” and position yourself as an open and modern employer?

Contact us at 360@itleague.de

We look forward to hearing from you. Together we also make your company, your property an experience!!