360.ITleague in the Hamburger Ding

“Size matters!” – Sometimes it depends on the size…

Coworking spaces are an integral part of the modern world of work. In the meantime, they are a place for numerous start-ups, freelancers, digital nomads, companies and teams that invites you to work, network, linger and sit back.

Especially in big cities, this so-called “Third Place” becomes an urban adventure and a gold mine for inspiration and efficiency. So it is in Hamburg!

The Hamburger Ding presents a new, modern and huge coworking space.

On almost 4000 sqm, divided over five floors, the co-working is uniquely linked to the areas of event, sports entertainment as well as spectacular room concepts that you must have seen and experienced undetected.

You can start the virtual 360° Hamburger Ding tour right here and now and get a first impression of this cool, sporty and unique coworking space!

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360.Itleague in the Hamburger Ding

When a coworking space gives wings…

In the many major cities of the world, New Work has long been an integral part of the work culture. The outdated classical work structures with a “9 to 5 mentality” and permanent jobs seem to have slowly run out. Increasingly modern coworking spaces are taking their place, promising flexibility, self-determination, freedom of action and a work-life balance.

In principle, coworking is characterized by the sharing of office space in coworking spaces by start-ups, freelancers, digital nomads, companies and teams, among others. They can act independently of each other and be active in different companies and projects, or also realize projects together, find ideas, inspiration and help. In the meantime, there are already hundreds of such coworking spaces in Germany that offer dynamic spaces for working, networking, lingering and leaning back.

The Hamburger Ding is also one of the new modern coworking spaces. It is located in the middle of Hamburg at the Kiez in the district of St. Pauli and is spread over five floors.

What is special is that something big is happening here under the motto #machdeinding. The Hamburger Ding shines with around 300 modern workplaces, many MeeDING rooms, event areas, fitness facilities and much more. No floor is the same. Each floor and each room has its own spectacular design concept with different themes and names. In addition, there is a mix of coworking and gym in the so-called WORKout zone. Here, interested parties can work dynamically by placing their laptop on a table above the treadmill and literally running off.

The Hamburger Ding is a place that makes every kind of event be it MeeDINGSs, TasDINGS, ShooDING: meetings, conferences, pitches or just celebrations or get-togethers something very special. Here everyone lives their own mix of work & play, from letting go & letting go.

Start directly at the following places:

For more information, please contact: https://www.hamburgerding.de/

… and every centimetre counts!

Virtual 360° tours open up completely new paths when visiting an object and offer the special plus!

With a completely new 3D visualization, a fascinating 360° virtual tour, and the feeling of being physically on site, customers can stand out from their competition with their objects, products and services. With this modern technology, objects such as the Hamburger Ding can be experienced up close – from any place and at any time.

A virtual 360° tour is usually created from several shots of different rooms and areas of an object, which are then merged.

Hard Facts- Behind the Scenes

The virtual 360° tour in the Hamburger Ding brought the following hard facts:




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The dollhouse view allows you to easily and conveniently look inside this unique coworking space from home. You can turn the property and turn it as you like and switch directly to the interior at any point. This allows you to view every single MeetDING room in advance and decide on the right room.

Individual information points present important information about the individual premises and facilities of the Hamburg Coworking Space.

During your virtual tour of the Hamburger Ding, you can choose your workplace or your favorite desk – your Fix Desk or Flex Desk – or an office with up to 10 workstations.

With our 3D location plan, you can immediately recognize the special features of the premises. Since each level can be viewed individually, but also the entire object in total, you get a quick good overall impression.

With our virtual 360° tour you will get a modern, fresh and above all dynamic way to look around in the new Hamburg coworking space. You can calmly examine and get to know the Hamburger Ding. In addition, you will receive exciting additional information through texts, videos, pictures or web links.

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